Korean Beef Bowl

Well, I tried a new recipe tonight – Korean Beef and Quinoa Bowl (http://smilesandwich.com/2015/01/27/15-minute-korean-beef-quinoa-bowl/) but, of course, with my own “Egyptian” flare!

I wanted to start with a quinoa recipe because quinoa is super duper hard to find here, and even if you do find it $$ cha-ching!! it’s REALLY expensive!

BUT … there is an alternative 🙂

For Egyptians the “super grain” of choice is Freekeh (similar to bulgar). Freekeh is another ancient grain that has too many benefits to count. The main things I like about it are 1) it’s super healthy; 2) it’s budget friendly and 3) it’s easy to prepare 🙂

You can find freekeh in any grocery store here (I like the El Doha brand) or you could splurge a  bit and go for an organic version (like from Nature’s Gifts).

Making freekeh is just like rice; 2:1 ratio of water to freekeh and cook until done. When I make it I usually add cumin, black pepper, and a healthy dose of salt but you could add almost anything you want to it – ground beef, coriander, nuts, anything!

Ok, back to tonights dinner. So I made this Korean beef, but I never really follow recipes. Lol. My version actually had quite a lot of omissions. Let’s see … quinoa we’ve already talked about, next ingredient is veggie oil (of course I substituted olive oil), then no ginger, I didn’t have brown sugar so I used granulated sugar and only about 4 tbsp. No sesame oil, sooo … more olive oil went in, and finally I substituted chilli powder.

I also didn’t make the sauce separately (why make more dishes? yup, I know I’m really lazy 😉 ) I just added the various seasonings and adjusted according to my taste.

Just a note, I was all out of green onions, but I would definitely add them or some other vegetable to this dish. It needed some kind of fresh crunch 🙂


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